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The United Southern African Federation declared independence for the first state of ZUIDLAND - 6 April 2019usaf

Brian Dalton



The ethos behind this document is to put minds at ease on what is currently happening with the USAF/Zuidland project, buying of land etc. In all fairness this idea has been going on for quite some time and the support from fellow members has grown substantially over the past year, now finally the idea is being put into action, not without hurdles, described below, to be overcome.

I think by now everybody knows what the USAF/Zuidland vision is, Internal self-determination. The time has come to implement the mission that everybody can understand and participate in. This document will explain the steps that are being followed presently and in the near future.


To start with this mission, it was important to obtain a territory that is liveable and has the potential to provide for a safe and secure environment for all of us to survive and thrive in.

Some select criteria for a piece of land are as follows:

  • Water. The most important part of this mission. Without water the whole mission won’t succeed.
  • Safety and security
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Topographical layout. Doesn’t help if the whole Dalbarton is on a rocky mountain.
  • Accessibility, Dalbarton locality to nearby towns and existing infrastructure.
  • Low existing population.

Dalbarton ticks of all of the above criteria in some form or other. Now that we have the land earmarked and offer accepted the following steps need to be followed and put in place.


Unfortunately, money makes the world go round. So with everything there is money involved. Buying this farm from the sellers, as part of the contract, we have a 60 day due diligence process to ensure that the farm is suitable for a town, in other words that it has enough water etc. In this time period, we need to come up with enough money to pay for the farm and to set up infrastructure to make it liveable. We then need to look at the supply of some roads, internet/wifi connection, water reservoirs/tanks and other infrastructure etc.

So, the main questions from all our members are:

  • What am I paying for?
  • How is my money secured?

Zuidland had signed the contract of purchase on Thursday, 16 August 2019. On Saturday, 18 August 2019 the Pre-selling of stands begun. What does that implicate? How can we sell stands that are not yet available? The answer is simple. We need to pay for the farm at the end of the 60 day due diligence process.

But also, not that simple. This is the members money. How do we secure it? Like stated earlier, we have a 60-day DD period to see if the members are willing to help in the purchase of this farm. If not, the money that has been received will be paid back to every member that contributed and we walk away from the farm and the deal.

All the money is paid into a Trust account with Fidelity Insurance on the Trust account. Every member that paid money into an account received a reference number. Proof of payment is in the process to be sent to every member that paid into the account, this will happen shortly, as you can imagine testing the water supply is taking priority right now.


To explain this, I am going to use an example, the figures and names are fictitious but used to make the explanation easier to grasp.

We had to set up a legal entity, namely a (PTY) LTD company in which to purchase Dalbarton:

i.e. Motherland (PTY) LTD.
FARM PRICE: R 1 000 000.00
FARM SIZE: 100ha/1 000 000m2
COST PRICE PER m2: R 1.00/m2
AMOUNT OF 1000m2 STANDS AVAILABLE: 400 stands (Residential and Commercial)

To make this a legal entity for every member to buy a stand the square meters (m2) of the farm is allocated to shares. Meaning 1 000 000m2 of the farm is equal to 1 000 000 shares in MOTHERLAND (PTY) LTD

The diagram above illustrates the basic subdivision of Zuidland. This does not implicate that every member now is paying for Zuidland to sit with a nice farm and all the members only have a small piece to put a house on. The basic principle is that your stand/shares gives you Exclusive Use for your allocated 1/2/5/10000m2 piece and the rest are Communal use for everyone, with rules and regulations attached to it. Example: A Road is a communal piece of land that everyone is using but there are rules and regulations attached to the use of the road. This is the same in any government and most countries (other than the socialists) Every member who purchases a stand will receive a certificate indicating the stand number, stand size, shares allocated, unique registry number etc etc.

Breaking down the selling price per m2. It consists of the paying for the farm, and providing some basic form of infrastructure to stands to comply with the basic human needs.


Zuidland needs to start up a governing body (Municipality) for the installation and maintenance of the infrastructure. This is an ongoing cost. For now it is roads and water to every stand. Machines, Designers, labour and materials are needed to install this. Then there is the upkeep. So a basic charge for water and road upkeep fee is going to be charged per month. Then there is garbage removal. And the list goes on and on. Just think of where you are staying now and the cost involved regarding this, but as with our ethos and what we are trying to achieve we want the costs to our people to be the minimum, I think we can all agree we have been over burdened with high taxes for far to long. And although we won’t be able to break entirely free from paying the SA government taxes at present, we surely will be doing a lot inside our own economy.


Building guidelines are going to be implemented and we are busy at the moment for setting up the rules and regulations regarding building a house in DALBARTON. This is needed so we can keep living in a safe environment as well as might be to ensure we can get this done without breaking current laws. Does not help your if your house is blown away the first time the famous Cape Winds start to show up and your roof sheeting is in your neighbour’s house.


There will be lots of these popping up all the time for the innovative entrepreneur in us, as we will be creating our own self-sufficient town, so we will need everything within the town from shop owners to mechanics. This does not mean we as the government will provide you with a job, we need the entrepreneurs to come create those…


If you feel at any stage before the 60 day due diligence process is complete or before we confirm purchase of the land, should that been sooner, that you feel uncomfortable and don’t want to be part of this anymore you can retract and will be refunded in full, however once we pass the 60 day due diligence timeframe and we have decided to go with it, then you are as tied in as us..


Please also be aware that we will be challenged by our wonderful government in this process and we might have some challenges to get over, but know that we have the legal right in our constitution and by international law to SELF-DETERMINATION and we are of the belief that we no longer have a choice, the time has come and we need to do this now sooner rather than later… IN GOD WE TRUST
As more the information becomes available the more we can share, but know we cant do certain things like provide certificates until we actually are the owners of the land, we can also not do the layout of stands as yet as we need to first check that the farm is able to provide enough water, then if that test is passed, we need to see if our people have bought enough stands to pay for the farm, if that test is passed, then we need to get experts in to do surveys and a town layout according to the lay of the land, then only after that can we start laying out stands etc.
We also request that no one pester the current people still on the farm as it is not yet ours, we will tell you when you can go view it, you can drive down the road and look by all means...
Rome wasn’t built in one day… Please be patient people, and please think about how to ask questions so that it does not seem demanding but rather a genuine question…

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