A nation on the path to internal self determination. To achieve this we must work together to achieve certain criteria. Independent Commerce for one - which can be achieved through trading using an already established virtual currency (detailed below) & by trading Zuidlander to Zuidlander (online shopping platform below), away from the grasp of any governments. Another important criteria is self sustaining land. This is why it's important that Citizens of Zuidland register their approximate location. 51% of permanent residents in an area could warrant an area to be self determined. There are various committees who are processing this information as well as building this & other very important infrastructures. Become a part of the solution - Join us now.

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Zuidland Motion for internal self determination

Land Purchase - Portion 1

Zuidland - Declaration of Independence

2020 Campsite Tariffs


The sovereign people of Zuidland has just levelled up! We have an earmarked territory. Land Ahoy!

Approximately 160km or two hours north of Cape Town along the West Coast, at the north shore of the Berg River lies the quaint rustic town of Velddrif. This small fishing village is the starting point for which the territory of The Republic of Zuidland has been earmarked.

Following the Berg River inland to the east, just after Wittewater but before Picketburg, the border line turns north along the R366 national road towards Het Kruis, continuing through Redelinghuys and back to the coast at Elands Bay. The earmarked territory covers approximately 2500km² and lies not far to the West of the majestic Cedarberg Mountains.

White Lion

White Lion = Pride


Leopard = Resilient

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms


Aloe - NW Cape

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise