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Join as a Zuidland e-Citizen. Members ONLY can see where other e-Citizens are.

Remember to register where you are (or at least an approximate area) so that Zuidland can realize areas with support for self determination.

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Riebeeck is a gold backed Digital Currency which is currently pegged to the US$. It is NOT a cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin, Etherium) these currencies are susceptible to vast fluctuations & crashes.
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Open a business in the Virtual Nation. Create a location-independent business, from anywhere in the world, outside of the clutches of any government or country. Start trading immediately! Zuidlanders supporting Zuidlanders building commerce and ultimately our own independence!

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Let us know where you are.

Help us to help you... by building infrastructure in the areas where our citizens are most concentrated.

(If you are concerned about disclosing your location, go down the street and register your location there)

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Your Property

Register your property with USAF to protect yourself against expropriation without compensation & so that USAF can identify when there is enough land ownership in an area to declare an independent state.

All the more reason to invite your friends & family to join.

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Voorbegin Kibbutz Project.

Helping our currently disadvantaged and persecuted people out of dire situations through self sustaining projects.

Get involved! Join the group!

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Boerelegioen (website) is a Civil Defense movement aimed at enabling citizens to resist the promised slaughter of whites in RSA as well as the theft of their property.

Join now for networking and training. Visit Boerelegieon on FB

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White Lion

White Lion = Pride


Leopard = Resilient

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms


Aloe - NW Cape

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise